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Tamara Hostetler, MFT

My new website has transformed my practice.

I wasn’t sure it was a worthwhile investment to hire a professional web designer. I thought about building a site myself on Wix or paying a monthly service somewhere instead of a big financial investment upfront. The expense was worth it. I am so happy to have such a beautiful and functional website, and I ended up with something I never could have created on my own. I’m also happy I didn’t need to deal with the hassle or stress of making my own website - it was a relief just to hand it over to someone else. I do best with clear instructions, and Cris gave me some templates at the beginning of the web design process to help me write my content step-by-step which were very helpful. Cris was very communicative in helping make my content stronger and had many ideas about the site design that I wouldn’t have thought of. She created a custom training manual for me so I know how to add blog posts and won’t mess up my site. I would highly recommend Cris and her design services. She is a therapist herself, so she really gets our field and can make suggestions about content that other developers wouldn’t understand. She works quickly and creates beautiful websites that are functional, unique, and have made a big difference in attracting my ideal clients.

Tamara Hostetler, MFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Tamara Hostetler, MFT