Mana Counseling Services

My site is professional, unique, and feels like me.

Cris is clear, collaborative, organized and obviously knows her stuff. It felt like as early as from the consult, she was able to nail exactly what kind of therapist I am and what I love. I would absolutely recommend her design services because I trust Cris to do a good job and to help people represent themselves well. And I think my website speaks to the quality of her work.

I liked the process of creating the content the most surprisingly, as well as reviewing the design. I was concerned that if there were a lot of deadlines, I might not be able to follow through on them, or that I would feel generally overwhelmed by the process. I didn’t feel overly overwhelmed as Cris was really clear in her directions and time frames and it didn’t feel too demanding.

I had an awesome logo created by Cris. I was able to create a mailing list and newsletter which I’ve wanted to do for a long time and set up my online scheduler on my website.

I think the investment was totally worth it. My site is professional, unique, and feels like me. I hope to be able to use Cris for other online services as well because I love her work so much.

Alexis Ornellas, LPC, LAC

Licensed Professional Counselor, Mana Counseling Center