Katherine Saltzberg, Parent Coach

I feel like I won the lottery of web designers!

My business coach sent me links of people who create websites. I knew nothing about Cris, but her site reached out and grabbed me. The investment was so worth it on so many levels. I LOVE my site. I have a site that truly represents the coach I am. This process forced me to write a lot and dig really deep. Cris took what was meaningful to me and highlighted it. Her writing skills were helpful. She’d change or reframe something and was spot on. Her encouragement, expertise, compassion, and joy helped me to relax and trust that it would all get done. A perfect balance of what I coach…love and leadership. I would recommend Cris because she is an excellent communicator deeply sensitive to the needs of others and of being of optimum service. She has a very beautiful way of being direct and truthful and also encouraging the client to trust themselves. I am incredibly grateful to have found Cris.

Katherine Saltzberg

Parenting Coach, Love and Leadership Parent Coach