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There are so many reasons I would recommend Cris.

Like most private practice newbies, I was particularly worried about the costs. While I knew I wanted a good website to market my services, I also knew I could not afford to pay for a website. I explored various options, including building my own website, or even having one of my friends do it. Then I decided to follow therapist blogs and joined therapy Facebook pages. I quickly realized that most seasoned therapists recommended having a professional design your website for optimal results. This is how I found Cris, and also noted she had very positive reviews on one of the sites.

As soon as I received the final draft of my website, I was very excited. It was a worthy and valuable investment. The website looked beautiful, and all the information I needed on the website was there. Using her creativity, Cris used visual language that was consistent across different contexts including home page, services, and blog. I could not have done this myself. Although I sent fragmented information to her, she was able to form a coherent and beautiful website, just the way I had envisioned it! A few days after the website went live, I was receiving compliments from many people, including friends, family and colleagues. I am looking forward to sharing my website widely, with a goal of marketing my services for better results.

When I began working with Cris, I had so much going on in my life but Cris sent me a template that had all the necessary details and instructions on how to download my content. I am generally not very good with computers, but she made the process easier by guiding me on what to include in each page. She worked patiently with me, as I continued polishing the language and make it sound more personal. She provided insight on the logo design, language use, authenticity and target audience. She continued to advise me on how to edit my content to make the page beautiful and authentic.

Cris provided me with feedback on each step. I was able to use the knowledge she shared to improve other aspects of my practice, including business cards and credentialing.  She allowed me to challenge myself more, especially in time management and setting priorities. I became more aware that a good website is a huge part of marketing, especially when you are new in private practice. As soon the website went live, I felt renewed… and more focused on building a successful practice.

Cris has been very patient with me. She responded to my communication in a timely manner, helped me to make good choices of language, photos, logo and overall content. She has consistently communicated in a calm and respectable manner, and literally held my hand to make this work.

There are so many reasons I would recommend Cris! As a therapist herself, she is able to design a website that is tailored specifically for therapists. The website is customized to reflect on the therapeutic relationship between a therapist and the client. This is what I was looking for, but she did much more than that. The website looks beautiful and professional at the same time. It is also very easy to navigate from a mobile site.

Cris offers more than just a website design. She helps you explore and identify your counseling niche. Most of us come into private practice with a very broad idea of what we want to do and what kind of clients we want to work with. Cris helped me to explore and narrow down on my “ideal client.” She challenges you to explore your identity as a therapist. I would recommend her not only for newbies but also for seasoned therapists who want to market themselves through a beautiful and professional website. She also shares a lot of information that can be used to improve the website to accommodate future professional and overall practice growth.

Pauline Waweru, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor, Gemstone Counseling Center