Embrace Counseling

I would highly recommend Cris to design your website. If you want your website to look clean, inviting, & professional and you want your web design experience to be personal & attentive, then Growing Therapists is for you.

Since I was just starting out in private practice and building my caseload, I was primarily concerned with the initial expense. However, compared to other web design services, Cris’s services were very affordable.

I am very pleased with how my website turned out — it conveys exactly what I was wanting in my website. I definitely feel the investment was worth it, now I just need to put in the effort to maintain it!

I appreciated how personable and professional Cris was during the design experience. She was very prompt to answer any questions or concerns I shared and was very clear about what I could expect at each stage.

I appreciate how Cris’s website designs are unique and set apart from other typical therapist website designs. I also appreciate the attention she gives to her clients.

Cris is very easy to work with, she is easy to talk to, professional, & prompt. Her processes and paperwork are easy to follow and she makes it very easy for the client to provide the content.

Cris, thanks so much for being of my journey as I get started in private practice. I began this endeavor with much trepidation, but you have helped me to feel more comfortable and confident about launching.

Jennifer Barredo, LPC-A

Licensed Professional Counselor Associate, Embrace Counseling