Blue Boat Counseling

We have a beautiful website crucial to our marketing strategy that’s worth every penny.

The investment was absolutely worth it. You did amazing work on such a quick timeline. I heard you on Allison Puryear’s podcast, and I could tell you were very knowledgeable. I looked at your website and got your free 16 Top Therapist Website Mistakes Checklist, which I thought had such great information in it. Then when we spoke on the phone for a consultation about my situation, I had no hesitations about moving forward with your services.

I loved how organized you were with clear communication. Having been through past design experiences that were really lacking in this area, I appreciated this the most. I knew the process and I knew exactly what was needed from me and where to put it. It really left the communication to just be about the design instead of me asking questions about the process. It made for such a smooth experience.

You’re so knowledgeable and current with your designs as well as new regulations that we would have had no idea how to manage on our own. And I love that you’re also a therapist. It makes relating to the content and images so much easier, and you were so reassuring when we had any struggles with copy or just generally around growing this group practice.

I loved how you made us feel like our opinions were valid and respected while also pushing us a little on the design. It was such a great balance that we appreciated very much. And, just to mention again, the organization of the process makes for such a pleasant and smooth experience, especially for something that can feel so daunting.

I would absolutely highly recommend your design services to any therapist in need of a beautiful website. The process of working with you is so streamlined, you’re very easy to work and communicate with, and the timeline to get the site launched was unbelievably fast.

We can’t thank you enough for your kindness and for creating this beautiful website for us. We feel so proud to have it to represent our business, and we know it will be the most important piece to our marketing strategy.

Carrie and Andy Sears

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, Blue Boat Counseling