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Amie Summers, PLLC

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The purchase was 100% worth it!

I was concerned about how much time it might take me to provide all of the information required for my website re-vamp. Cris was very flexible around moving at my pace, which was greatly appreciated, and she offered helpful guidance along the way. Cris is incredibly knowledgable, her guidance while making design choices was priceless, and she was willing to go the distance when any troubleshooting was required. I appreciated the step-by-step approach, which kept the process from feeling overwhelming. Cris was as involved in the design process as I needed, and she was easy to be in-touch with! Cris is the “tech-y” I dream of being, while also being incredibly personable and helpful. She took the time to understand what I was needing from my website, and offered clear guidance throughout our time working together. I appreciate her flexibility and her commitment to problem-solving when tech-related issues came up that I didn’t understand! I would definitely recommend Cris’s services, to clients from all sorts of backgrounds and especially to therapists (as a matter of fact, I’ve already given her name to a number of other professionals!).

Amie Summers, PLLC

Licensed Graduate Social Worker, Amie Summers, PLLC