Need Help Defining Your Practice Niche?

How It Works


  1. 1Initial Consultation: We will chat by phone to begin exploring your mission and practice vision.
  2. 2Ideal Client Package: You will be given an ideal client package to complete where you will be guided step-by-step through several questions and writing exercises to identify up to three different ideal clients based on your personal background, your clinical experience, and your practice interests.
  3. 3Niche Feedback: I will review your ideal client package and identify possible niches based on your personal background, your clinical experience, your identified ideal client, and your practice interests.
  4. 4Niche Strategy: We will discuss marketing strategies tailored to your unique niche so that you have a clear step-by-step action plan to present your practice like the pro that you are.


I feel like I won the lottery of web designers!

My business coach sent me links of people who create websites. I knew nothing about Cris, but her site reached out and grabbed me. The investment was so worth it on so many levels. I LOVE my site. I have a site that truly represents the coach I am. This process forced me to write a lot and dig really deep. Cris took what was meaningful to me and highlighted it. Her writing skills were helpful. She’d change or reframe something and was spot on. Her encouragement, expertise, compassion, and joy helped me to relax and trust that it would all get done. A perfect balance of what I coach…love and leadership. I would recommend Cris because she is an excellent communicator deeply sensitive to the needs of others and of being of optimum service. She has a very beautiful way of being direct and truthful and also encouraging the client to trust themselves. I am incredibly grateful to have found Cris.

Katherine Saltzberg

Certified Leadership Parent Coach, Love and Leadership Parent Coach

I highly recommend working with Cris and Growing Therapists.

I was interested in trying to create my own website on WordPress, but after a while, I realized I didn’t have the knowledge or expertise to do so. I reviewed several different options of therapist website designers and decided to work with Cris. It has been a great experience. Cris listened to what I envisioned and wanted for my website. She guided me through all the steps I needed to take to be a part of the process, yet when I was stuck or unsure of how to get my message across she provided helpful, insightful feedback and suggestions. Because she, too, is a therapist, she understands how important it is for me to reach the potential clients to whom I believe I can be the most helpful. Cris has had consistent communication throughout the process. She is open, honest, helpful, and has a design style to which I connect. Cris helped create a website I feel very proud of as I believe it communicates the passion I have for helping people.

Colleen Koncilja, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Health and Healing Therapy

My new website has transformed my practice.

I wasn’t sure it was a worthwhile investment to hire a professional web designer. I thought about building a site myself on Wix or paying a monthly service somewhere instead of a big financial investment upfront. The expense was worth it. I am so happy to have such a beautiful and functional website, and I ended up with something I never could have created on my own. I’m also happy I didn’t need to deal with the hassle or stress of making my own website – it was a relief just to hand it over to someone else. I do best with clear instructions, and Cris gave me some templates at the beginning of the web design process to help me write my content step-by-step which were very helpful. Cris was very communicative in helping make my content stronger and had many ideas about the site design that I wouldn’t have thought of. She created a custom training manual for me so I know how to add blog posts and won’t mess up my site. I would highly recommend Cris and her design services. She is a therapist herself, so she really gets our field and can make suggestions about content that other developers wouldn’t understand. She works quickly and creates beautiful websites that are functional, unique, and have made a big difference in attracting my ideal clients.

Tamara Hostetler, MFT

Marriage and Family Therapist, Tamara Hostetler, MFT

There are so many reasons I would recommend Cris.

Like most private practice newbies, I was particularly worried about the costs but quickly realized that most seasoned therapists recommended having a professional design your website for optimal results. As a therapist herself, Cris is able to design a website that is tailored specifically for therapists. The website is customized to reflect on the therapeutic relationship between a therapist and client. This is what I was looking for, but she did much more than that! Although I sent fragmented information to Cris, she was able to form a coherent and beautiful website, just the way I had envisioned it. Cris literally held my hand to make this work. Cris helps you explore and identify your counseling niche. Most of us come into private practice with a very broad idea of what kind of clients you want to work with. Cris helped me to explore and narrow down on my “ideal client.” She challenges you to explore your identity as a therapist. I was able to use the knowledge she shared to improve other aspects of my practice, including business cards and credentialing. I would recommend Cris not only for newbies but also for seasoned therapists who want to market themselves through a beautiful and professional website.

Pauline Waweru, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor, Gemstone Counseling Center