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Want a Custom Logo to Represent Your Practice Vision?

How It Works


  1. 1VISION STAGE: We will define your mission, practice vision, ideal client, brand personality and core values.
  2. 2DESIGN STAGE: I get to work designing your initial custom logo design concepts.
  3. 3REVIEW STAGE: You will review the design concepts and pick your favorite logo.
  4. 4REVISION STAGE: I will perform your requested revisions to your chosen logo.
  5. 5LOGO DELIVERY: I will deliver your finalized logo to you that best represents you and your practice.


I highly recommend Growing Therapists.

I was interested in trying to create my own website on WordPress, but after a while, I realized I didn’t have the knowledge or expertise to do so. I reviewed several different options of therapist website designers and decided to work with Cris. It has been a great experience. Cris listened to what I envisioned and wanted for my website. She guided me through all the steps I needed to take to be a part of the process, yet when I was stuck or unsure of how to get my message across she provided helpful, insightful feedback and suggestions. Because she, too, is a therapist, she understands how important it is for me to reach the potential clients to whom I believe I can be the most helpful. Cris helped create a website I feel very proud of. Read more…

Colleen Koncilja, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Health and Healing Therapy

There are so many reasons I’d recommend Cris.

Like most private practice newbies, I was particularly worried about costs but quickly realized that most seasoned therapists recommended having a professional design your website for optimal results. As a therapist herself, Cris is able to design a website that is tailored specifically for therapists. The website is customized to reflect on the therapeutic relationship between a therapist and client. She was able to form a coherent and beautiful website, just the way I had envisioned it. Cris helps you explore and identify your counseling niche. Most of us come into private practice with a very broad idea of what kind of clients you want to work with. Cris helped me to explore and narrow down on my “ideal client.” I would recommend Cris not only for newbies but also for seasoned therapists who want to market themselves through a beautiful and professional website. Read more…

Pauline Waweru, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor, Gemstone Counseling Center