What is an Effective Therapist Website?


While you want a beautiful website, a website is only effective if it actually helps you achieve your business objective. For therapists, that objective is likely getting more clients. Why do we want more clients? Yes, we want to help people and genuinely care, but we also want to pay the bills. It is very common for therapists to have an uneasy relationship with money since, at heart, we are helpers rather than business titans. However, in order to understand our objectives for a website, it can be prudent to understand the basic formula:



Now when you think of looking for a web designer, it makes sense to look beyond the pretty. You want a good-looking website but, more importantly, you want a website that converts potential clients into clients. How can a website do that? By compelling a potential client to contact you.

A therapist website has a single purpose: To get a potential client to contact you. That goal is accomplished by a multitude of factors such as a modern website design, SEO, improving your Google ranking, and effective call-to-actions. After a potential client makes contact, it’s up to you to convert them into a client. Before you can convert a contact into a client, of course you will want to assess for fit, discuss your fee, answer questions, mesh schedules, etc. but none of that can occur if the potential client doesn’t contact you.

Look on a web designer’s website or talk to them to get an understanding if they are pushing only to design a “pretty website,” or if they are also pushing you to create solid content and best practices that will truly sing to your ideal client.

As a therapist, your website is your calling card of the digital age. While it’s certainly possible to DIY your site, enlisting a professional designer is a worthwhile investment for your long-term marketing goals.

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