Designing beautiful therapy websites for your private practice is only half the battle.


Your therapist website also needs to be found online (aka SEO).

  • Are you a therapist, coach, or mental health professional?
  • Are you trying to decide which website platform to use?
  • Are you wondering what is the best website builder for SEO?
  • Do you understand SEO and how to get your site highly ranked on Google and other search engines?

If you need a new therapist website or are redesigning your existing therapist website, there are many website builders available including:

  • WordPress
  • Squarespace
  • Wix
  • Weebly
  • Subscription services such as Brighter Vision, Empathy Sites, etc.

Each website platform has positive and negatives in terms of ease of use, design tools, eCommerce, portability, and SEO. I’ve created this handy infographic as a quick overview to some of the most popular website builders for therapists and mental health professionals:




SEO Considerations of Website Platforms


  • Does your website play nice with Google? Your site should be able to connect to search engine crawlers and Google Analytics, have a good page experience, and have fast loading speeds for good SEO.
  • Does the platform allow you to optimize your website for best SEO results? On-page SEO access to headings, alt text, titles, meta descriptions, and slugs is critical or SEO success. Without such access, you cannot optimize your site.
  • How techy are you, and how easy will it be for you to find the needed SEO elements to adjust?

Choosing the Best Website Platform for Your Private Practice


Many website platforms offer many of these SEO tools, so how do you choose?

When comparing different platforms, it’s important to understand your needs and goals in order to determine the best website platform for your brand and practice. Flexibility is the most important factor to consider in terms of choosing a platform that can grow with your practice. Customizing your website through plugins, integrations, and design options helps you stand out from your competition while optimizing specific SEO elements. As a result, you can help your site rank higher in Google.


Beyond SEO: Additional Considerations When Choosing a Website Platform for Your Private Practice


  • Does this platform align with your practice goals? For example, do you plan to grow your practice from a solo business to a group practice where eCommerce or portability might become important tools to have?
  • Are there enough design options to best represent your brand? Can you customize the design elements of your site easily?
  • Will this website platform allow a website design that will speak to your ideal client?
  • Does this website platform perform well with Google?
  • What are the ongoing costs associated with this website platform?
  • What is involved in maintaining your website on this platform?

Our Choice for the Best Website Builder for Therapists


Growing Therapists designs therapy websites exclusively on WordPress (.org not .com) for the greatest flexibility, portability, design features, and SEO.

WordPress has several options to supercharge your SEO and website search rankings. When working on other platforms, it can be difficult to achieve the same results. Go WordPress!

Ready to Optimize Your Therapist Website or Coaching Website with SEO Consulting?


A beautiful website is Phase I to building an effective online presence for your private practice, but then it’s time for Phase II. That’s where search engine optimization (SEO) comes. Ensuring that your website is SEO-friendly is a critical part of getting your website in front of new potential clients.

While it’s possible to DIY your site’s SEO, many therapists, counselors, and coaches choose to hire it out since creating an effective SEO campaign is a complex and ongoing process. Let Growing Therapists take this task off your hands so you can concentrate on your clients.