Create a short video to add to your website’s homepage.


A featured video on your website helps potential clients like, know, and trust you so that they take the next step and reach out to you for an initial appointment.

Video also has the added benefit of helping your Google ranking as visitors spend more time on your site watching your video.


Types of Videos


Introductory video: This type of video serves as a greeting to potential clients where they see your warm smile, your body language, and get a feel for who you are on your website’s homepage. Spend 1-2 minutes talking about your ideal client’s pain points following by your name, your title, and the specific step your viewer should take to contact you for help.

Educational video: This type of video teaches the viewer about a certain subject, treatment modality, presenting problem, etc. For example, if your speciality is EMDR, you could have a video describing the benefits of EMDR and how it works.


How to Make a Video


Camera: Your smartphone’s built-in camera will work great. Need a tripod? I like the Manfrotto Pixi Mini or Jory GorillaPod Mini.

Lighting: Position yourself near a window with ¾ angled light on your face for a soft, diffuse, and welcoming feel. If you plan to make several videos, may want to invest in a ring light kit which also includes a tripod.

Distance: Position the camera so that your head and shoulders are in the frame. Showing your entire body is too far away. Showing only your head is too close.

Orientation: Position the camera horizontally. No vertical filming!

Filming: You don’t need a script, but do prepare your general talking points ahead of time. The best thing about digital recording is that you can easily review your video and tweak your performance as needed. The goal isn’t super-polished perfection. Just be yourself, be welcoming and natural, pretend you’re talking in person to a new client sitting across from you, and remember to smile.

Editing: Optional – Edit your video using iMovie or VideoPad if you want to add special effects, overlays, text, color adjustment, or transitions.

Posting: After your video is finished, post it on YouTube. Instructions here.

Website: Copy the YouTube link for your video, and send that link to your website designer who will embed your new video onto your homepage.

Introductory Video Script Example


Does it seem like your mind is always running and that it’s impossible to find a moment of calm? You have never-ending list of commitments and responsibilities that need your attention, and you are left feeling burned out with nothing else to give. You might be having trouble sleeping, feel irritable, or have a hard time concentrating.

I’m Cris Roskelley, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and anxiety specialist, who helps people feel less stressed. I offer online video therapy to people across California. To learn more about how I can help you, please reach out by emailing me today.

That’s It!


Adding a short and personal video to your website’s homepage is one simple way to make your website work harder for you. Have fun!