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Web Design

Do you want a beautiful and effective website that draws in your ideal client? Or maybe you already have a website but don’t love it? A website that targets your ideal client is your most important marketing tool. Get a website designed by a therapist for therapists, and be ready to drop the website shame. 
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Your website copy can make or break a website. Do you need help creating great copy so your website excels at attracting your ideal client? Want to have a blog but dread writing the articles? As a therapist and author of the MFT Handbook, I can help you present your practice like the pro that you are.
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Logo Design

A unique logo is an important ingredient of your online identity and should best represent you and your practice vision. As a therapist and graphic designer, I can create a custom logo to establish a cohesive presence for your therapy practice. Let’s find your brand and tell the world who you are.
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Website Maintenance

Protect your website investment with a monthly security plan to guardagainst security breaches, outages, and the expense required to rebuild your site if something goes wrong. Sleep easy knowing your site is protected, updated, maintained, backed up and working hard for you.
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The purchase was 100% worth it!

Cris is the “tech-y” I dream of being, while also being incredibly personable and helpful. I was concerned about how much time it might take me to provide all of the information required for my website. Cris was very flexible and is incredibly knowledgable. Her guidance while making design choices was priceless, and she was willing to go the distance when any troubleshooting was required. I appreciated the step-by-step approach, which kept the process from feeling overwhelming. She took the time to understand what I was needing from my website, and offered clear guidance throughout our time working together. I would definitely recommend Cris’s services, to clients from all sorts of backgrounds and especially to therapists (as a matter of fact, I’ve already given her name to a number of other professionals!). Read more…

Amie Summers, LGSW, PLLC

Licensed Graduate Social Worker, Amie Summers, LGSW, PLLC

I highly recommend Growing Therapists.

I was interested in trying to create my own website on WordPress, but after a while, I realized I didn’t have the knowledge or expertise to do so. I reviewed several different options of therapist website designers and decided to work with Cris. It has been a great experience. Cris listened to what I envisioned and wanted for my website. She guided me through all the steps I needed to take to be a part of the process, yet when I was stuck or unsure of how to get my message across she provided helpful, insightful feedback and suggestions. Because she, too, is a therapist, she understands how important it is for me to reach the potential clients to whom I believe I can be the most helpful. Cris helped create a website I feel very proud of. Read more…

Colleen Koncilja, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Health and Healing Therapy

There are so many reasons I’d recommend Cris.

Like most private practice newbies, I was particularly worried about costs but quickly realized that most seasoned therapists recommended having a professional design your website for optimal results. As a therapist herself, Cris is able to design a website that is tailored specifically for therapists. The website is customized to reflect on the therapeutic relationship between a therapist and client. She was able to form a coherent and beautiful website, just the way I had envisioned it. Cris helps you explore and identify your counseling niche. Most of us come into private practice with a very broad idea of what kind of clients you want to work with. Cris helped me to explore and narrow down on my “ideal client.” I would recommend Cris not only for newbies but also for seasoned therapists who want to market themselves through a beautiful and professional website. Read more…

Pauline Waweru, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor, Gemstone Counseling Center

If you want someone who is professional and creative to get your project done – then Cris is the one!

Professional all the way. Consistent. Structured. Reliable (you get what you are promised at the time you are promised). Creative. Responsive.

It was a significant investment, for sure. But by the time I got to Cris at Growing Therapists, I had tried two other services that were more “affordable” and ended up with a lot of frustration, money, and time lost, without being able to get the quality work I wanted.

The investment was absolutely worth it! I finally found a professional who was able to do the work I needed them to do and who was guiding me through this process.

It was to exciting watching it come together!!! The template that was guiding me through the content creation was very helpful. It made me think carefully about my message to my ideal client and provided structure.

I liked that Cris had approved/vetted resources, like the company that assisted me in writing the terms and conditions for my website, for example. And every time I needed a resource associated with my website, Cris had referrals to provide. She guided me in “what’s next” and I really like that she offers monthly maintenance!

I love my new website and I wish I had hired Cris from the beginning, it would have saved me a lot of headache, time, and money!

Liliya George, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist